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We're a project management and technology supply company. We provide computer technology (hardware and software). In particular, we serve a number of vertical markets - for example, production accounting systems for use on films, television, commercials and music promos.

We shall be opening a new web shop showcasing our new technology products in the late autumn.

With over twenty years of serving industry, we should be one of your first ports of call.

Through our dedicated established FilmPros division we can provide anything from a complete production package (including line production or co-production services) through to production and post production accounting services. The film production skills division can draw upon an impressive list of production and technical personnel.

Based in the United Kingdom, we can offer a rounded service of project management skills to film production companies. If you require a full financial and/or feasibility study for your project, production management of the shoot here in the UK (or in Europe) and/or post-production supervision, then please contact us.

The production accounting software that we have developed has been used on numerous film and television productions. Please contact us through the links on the FilmPros web site, where our Terms and Conditions are also listed.

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